Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Used Terms

Here are the definitions of some of the words and phrases used frequently at the Department of Fair Employment and Housing:

  • Complainant
    • The individual filing a complaint
  • Respondent
    • The person who must respond to a complaint
  • Protected class / category / basis
    • People with characteristics – race, gender, etc. – who are protected from discrimination in California
  • Disability
    • A physical or mental condition that limits a major life activity
  • Pre-complaint inquiry
    • What someone needs to submit to DFEH before he/she may file a complaint
  • Right-to-sue
    • The option some complainants have to pursue private legal action
  • California Civil Rights System, CCRS
    • The online Services DFEH uses to manage cases

The precise legal definitions of these words and phrases are found in the Laws and Regulations that govern DFEH. In all cases, those prevail.