Posters, brochures and fact sheets

The Department of Fair Employment and Housing publishes a variety of informative posters, brochures and fact sheets that describe California’s civil rights laws. These materials are available for you to download and print (Adobe Acrobat Reader™ may be needed).

In accordance with California law and ADA requirements, all posters can be made available in alternate formats for people with disabilities, upon request. Please contact DFEH at 800-884-1684 (voice or via California Relay Service 711) or 800-700-2320 (TTY).

Required Posters

All California employers are required to display the following poster:

Most California employers also must display three other posters:

Rules for displaying DFEH posters

Other posters, brochures, and fact sheets

DFEH publications describe what California’s civil rights laws cover and how they are enforced. The brochures and fact sheets are arranged in our catalog by category. Those that have been translated into languages other than English are included.

Required Posters

For the workplace