Policies and Procedures

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NumberRevision DateTitleLink
1085/26/2006Non-English TranslatorView Directive

View Attachment - State Personnel Board Language Identification Guide (Attachment 2)
1094/16/2004Department Accommodation for Hearing, Speech and Vision Impaired Complainants and Others Needing Reasonable Accommodation to Obtain Access to Department ServicesView Directive

View Attachment - Interpreter/Translator Confidentiality Agreement (Attachment 2)

View Attachment - Management Memo (Attachment 3)
1117/29/2014Issue for Review, Approval, Direction, or Advice by the Chief CounselView Directive


NumberRevision DateTitleLink
21510/9/2017Complaints Alleging Gender Discrimination in the Form of Pay InequitiesView Directive
21610/31/2017Referral of Equal Pay Cases Between the Department of Fair Employment and Housing and the Division of Labor Standards EnforcementView Directive


NumberRevision DateTitleLink
31710/17/2016Completing U Visa Certifications in DFEH CasesView Directive
U Visa Form I-918


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NumberRevision DateTitleLink
6004/3/2018Disclosure of Information from DFEH: Response to Public Records Act RequestsView Directive
6014/16/2004Responding to External Requests for Case-Related or Computer-Generated InformationView Directive
6022/3/2006Photocopy FeesView Directive

Outreach and Education

NumberRevision DateTitleLink
7004/16/2004Media ContactsView Directive