DFEH Strategic Plan

The vision of DFEH is a California free of discrimination. This Strategic Plan sets forth the goals and strategies that will guide DFEH in working toward that vision over the next 3 to 5 years. It was developed with input from DFEH staff throughout our five offices and from FEH Council members and input provided by other entities and individuals on the final draft of the Strategic Plan through a public comment process.

Each year, the Department will develop a set of specific actions it will undertake in support of the goals and strategies in the Plan. This initial Strategic Plan includes a listing of the specific actions that will be undertaken in 2016-17 under each strategy. These actions will be included in a 2016-17 Business Plan, which will also assign responsibility and designate a timeframe for each of the actions. Each spring, the Department will go through this process of determining what actions we will undertake in the following fiscal year to help us achieve the goals in the Strategic Plan. This process will also provide an opportunity to revisit the goals and strategies in the Plan in light of changing circumstances and new opportunities so that the Strategic Plan remains a strong and relevant roadmap toward our Vision.

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