Rules for posting DFEH information

Department of Fair Employment and Housing posters are required to be conspicuously displayed at workplaces and places where dwellings are for sale or rent. The text has to be large and legible enough to be easily read when posted.

Workplace posters must be prominently posted where they can be readily seen and read by all employees and job applicants. They must be displayed at the following places:

  • At each location where a company has employees – offices, stores, warehouses, branches, etc.
  • At employment agencies, hiring offices and union halls
  • On computers as long as the posters are posted electronically in a conspicuous place where employees will tend to see it.

If 10 percent or more of a company’s workforce speaks a language other than English, the posters must also be displayed in that language (or languages). DFEH provides translated posters in several languages, which are included in our catalog. Also, we will work with an employer if other translations are needed.

Free copies of workplace posters can be downloaded or printed from our catalog or you can ask for one copy by contacting us.

Note: Rather than put up DFEH’s three posters, many employers choose to buy an all-in-one poster from Chambers of Commerce or other private organizations.