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DescriptionRevision DateLink
Complaint Flowchart - EmploymentJan. 2017DFEH-A02P-Eng
Complaint Flowchart - GeneralMay 2017DFEH-A03P-Eng
Discrimination is Against the LawJan. 2017DFEH-A01B-ENG

Required Materials

DFEH has recently made some design changes to the posters that do not change the posting obligation. You may post any version of the Workplace Discrimination poster (titled: California Law Prohibits Workplace Discrimination and Harassment / DFEH-E07P-ENG / formerly DFEH-162) from December 2014 to the present. You may post any version of the CFRA/Pregnancy Disability Leave notice (DFEH-100-21) from July 2015 to the present. And you may post any version of the Rights and Obligations as a Pregnant Employee notice (DFEH-100-20) from April 2016 to the present.

DescriptionRevision DateLink
Employment Discrimination
English PosterMay-17DFEH-E07P-ENG
Chinese PosterMay-17DFEH-E07P-CH
Korean PosterMay-17DFEH-E07P-K
Spanish Poster (La ley Prohibe la Discriminacion y el Acoso en el Empleo)May-17DFEH-E07P-SP
Tagalog PosterMay-17DFEH-E07P-TG
Vietnamese PosterMay-17DFEH-E07P-VT
Family Care and Medical Leave (CFRA Leave) and Pregnancy Disability Leave
English PosterMay-17DFEH-100-21ENG
Chinese PosterMay-17DFEH-100-21CH
Korean PosterMay-17DFEH-100-21K
Spanish PosterMay-17DFEH-100-21SP
Tagalog PosterMay-17DFEH-100-21TG
Vietnamese PosterMay-17DFEH-100-21VT
Sexual Harassment: The Facts about Sexual Harassment
* Either the poster or the brochure can be distributed to employees to meet legal requirements
English BrochureApr. 2017DFEH-185-ENG
English PosterApr. 2017DFEH-185P-ENG
Chinese BrochureJun. 2017DFEH-185-CH
Korean BrochureJun. 2017DFEH-185-K
Spanish Brochure (Acosa Sexual: La Realidad Acerca del Acoso Sexual)Jul. 2017DFEH-185-SP
Spanish PosterJul. 2017DFEH-185P-SP
Tagalog BrochureJun. 2017DFEH-185-TG
Vietnamese BrochureJul. 2017DFEH-185-VT
Your Rights and Obligations as a Pregnant Employee
English PosterJun. 2017DFEH-E09P-ENG
Chinese PosterJun. 2017DFEH-E09P-CH
Korean PosterJun. 2017DFEH-E09P-K
Spanish Poster (Sus Derechos Y Obligaciones Como trabajadora Embarazada)Jun. 2017DFEH-E09P-SP
Tagalog PosterJun. 2017DFEH-E09P-TG
Vietnamese PosterJun. 2017DFEH-E09P-VT


DescriptionRevision DateLink
California Family Rights Act
English BrochureApr. 2017DFEH-E03B-ENG
Spanish Brochure Ley de Derechos de la Familia en CaliforniaJul. 2017DFEH-E03B-SP
Certification Health Care Provider for Pregnancy Disability Leave, Transfer, and/or Reasonable Accommodation
English PosterJun. 2017DFEH-E10P-ENG
Spanish PosterJun. 2017 DFEH-E10P-SP
CFRA Certification of Health Care Provider Form
English PosterJul. 2017
Spanish PosterJun. 2017DFEH-CFRA-SP
Disability Under the Fair Employment & Housing Act: What you should know about the law (Booklet)Jan. 2015DFEH-208-DH
Employment Discrimination Based on Disability
English BrochureApr. 2017DFEH-E01B-ENG
Spanish BrochureJul. 2017DFEH-E01B-SP
Pre-Employment Inquiry Guidelines
English PosterMay-17DFEH-E06P-ENG
Spanish PosterMay-17DFEH-E06P-SP
Pregnancy Leave
English BrochureApr. 2017DFEH-E02B-ENG
Chinese BrochureJun. 2017DFEH-E02B-CH
Korean BrochureJun. 2017DFEH-E02B-K
Spanish BrochureJul. 2017DFEH-E02B-SP
Tagalog BrochureJun. 2017DFEH-E02B-TG
Vietnamese BrochureJul. 2017DFEH-E02B-VT
Transgender Rights in The Workplace
English BrochureAug. 2017DFEH-E04P-ENG
Spanish Brochures (Derechos De Las Personas Transgenero En El Lugar De Trabajo)Jan. 2017DFEH-E04P-SP
Workplace Harassment GuideMay-17DFEH-E08P-ENG
Workplace Rights for Members of the Military and Veterans
English PosterJul. 2017DFEH-E05P-ENG
Spanish PosterJun. 2017DFEH-E05P-SP


DescriptionRevision DateLink
Disability Discrimination: California Fair Housing Laws Protect You From Discrimination
English PosterJan. 2015DFEH-193H
Spanish Poster (Póster Igualdad en la Vivienda - Discriminacion Debibo a Dicapacition)Apr. 2004DFEH-193Hs
Fair Housing: You Are Protected Under California Law
English BrochureJun. 2017DFEH-H03B-ENG
Spanish Brochure (Igualdad en la Vivienda: Usted Esta Protegido Segun las Disposiciones de la Ley en California)Apr. 2004DFEH-157Hs
Fair Housing is the LawJul. 2017 DFEH-H01P-ENG
Fair Housing is the Law-CondensedJul. 2017DFEH-H02P-ENG
Sexual Harassment: California Fair Housing Laws Protect You From Discrimination!
English PosterMay-17DFEH-H04P-ENG
Spanish Poster (Póster Igualdad en la Vivienda – Acoso Sexual)Apr. 2004DFEH-192Hs

Business establishments (Unruh)

DescriptionRevision DateLink
Public Access Discrimination and Civil Rights (UNRUH)
English BrochureMay-17DFEH-U02B-ENG
Spanish Brochure(Derechos Civiles y Discriminacion en el Accesso a Lugares Publicos (UNRUH))Apr. 2004DFEH-167s
Unruh Civil Rights Act Fact SheetMay-17DFEH-U01P-ENG

Hate violence (Ralph)

DescriptionRevision DateLink
Hate Violence and Civil Rights
English PosterMay 2017DFEH-R01P-ENG
English BrochureDec. 2016DFEH-R01B-Eng
Arabic BrochureDec. 2016DFEH-R01B-AR
Bengali BrochureDec. 2016DFEH-R01B-BG
Chinese BrochureDec. 2016DFEH-R01B-CH
Farsi BrochureDec. 2016DFEH-R01B-Fa
Gujarati BrochureDec. 2016DFEH-R01B-Gj
Hindi BrochureDec. 2016DFEH-R01B-HI
Korean BrochureDec. 2016DFEH-R01B-K
Punjabi BrochureDec. 2016DFEH-R01B-Pb
Sinhalese BrochureDec. 2016DFEH-R01B-Snh
Spanish BrochureDec. 2016DFEH-R01B-SP
Tagalog BrochureDec. 2016DFEH-R01B-TG
Urdu BrochureDec. 2016DFEH-R01B-UR
Vietnamese BrochureDec. 2016DFEH-R01B-VT