All DFEH posters, brochures and fact sheets


DescriptionRevision DateLink
Complaint Flowchart - EmploymentJan. 2017DFEH-A02P-Eng
Complaint Flowchart - GeneralMay 2017DFEH-A03P-Eng
Discrimination is Against the LawJan. 2017DFEH-A01B-ENG

Required Posters

DescriptionRevision DateLink
Employment Discrimination
English PosterMay 2017 DFEH-E07P-ENG
Spanish Poster (La ley Prohibe la Discriminacion y el Acoso en el Empleo)Dec. 2014DFEH-162s
Family Care and Medical Leave (CFRA Leave) and Pregnancy Disability Leave
English PosterMay 2017DFEH-100-21
Chinese PosterMay 2017DFEH-100-21C
Korean PosterMay 2017DFEH-100-21K
Spanish PosterMay 2017DFEH-100-21S
Tagalog PosterMay 2017DFEH-100-21T
Vietnamese PosterMay 2017DFEH-100-21V
Your Rights and Obligations as a Pregnant Employee
English PosterApr. 2016DFEH-100-20
Chinese PosterMay 2017DFEH-100-20C
Korean PosterMay 2017DFEH-100-20K
Spanish Poster (Sus Derechos Y Obligaciones Como trabajadora Embarazada)Apr. 2016DFEH-100-20s
Tagalog PosterMay 2017DFEH-100-20T


DescriptionRevision DateLink
Pre-Employment Inquiry GuidelinesMay 2017DFEH-E06P-Eng
Sexual Harassment: The Facts about Sexual Harassment
English BrochureApr. 2017DFEH-185-ENG
English PosterApr. 2017DFEH-185P-ENG
Spanish Brochure (Acosa Sexual: La Realidad Acerca del Acoso Sexual)Apr. 2017DFEH-185-SP
Spanish PosterApr. 2017DFEH-185P-SP
Pregnancy LeaveApr. 2017DFEH-E02B-ENG
Certification Health Care Provider for Pregnancy Disability Leave, Transfer, and/or Reasonable AccommodationFeb. 2017DFEH-Pregnancy-Cert
California Family Rights Act
English BrochureApr. 2017DFEH-E03B-ENG
Spanish Brochure Ley de Derechos de la Familia en CaliforniaApr. 2004DFEH-188s
CFRA Certification of Health Care Provider FormFeb. 2017DFEH-CFRA-Cerf
Disability Under the Fair Employment & Housing Act: What you should know about the law (Booklet)Jan. 2015DFEH-208-DH
Transgender Rights in The Workplace
English BrochureJan. 2017DFEH-E04P-ENG
Spanish Brochures (Derechos De Las Personas Transgenero En El Lugar De Trabajo)Jan. 2017DFEH-E04P-SP
Workplace Rights for Members of the Military and VeteransFeb. 2017DFEH-E05P-Eng
Employment Discrimination Based on Disability
English BrochureApr. 2017DFEH-E01B-Eng


DescriptionRevision DateLink
Fair Housing: You Are Protected Under California Law
English BrochureJan. 2015DFEH-157H
Spanish Brochure (Igualdad en la Vivienda: Usted Esta Protegido Segun las Disposiciones de la Ley en California)Apr. 2004DFEH-157Hs
Fair Housing Fact SheetFeb. 2017DFEH-H01P-ENG
Fair Housing Fact Sheet - CondensedFeb. 2017DFEH-H02P-Eng
Sexual Harassment: California Fair Housing Laws Protect You From Discrimination!
English PosterMay 2017DFEH-H04P-ENG
Spanish Poster (Póster Igualdad en la Vivienda - Discriminacion Debibo a Dicapacition)Apr. 2004DFEH-192Hs
Disability Discrimination: California Fair Housing Laws Protect You From Discrimination
English PosterJan. 2015DFEH-193H
Spanish Poster (Póster Igualdad en la Vivienda - Discriminacion Debibo a Dicapacition)Apr. 2004DFEH-193Hs

Business establishments (Unruh)

DescriptionRevision DateLink
Public Access Discrimination and Civil Rights (UNRUH)
English BrochureMay 2017DFEH-U02B-ENG
Spanish Brochure(Derechos Civiles y Discriminacion en el Accesso a Lugares Publicos (UNRUH))Apr. 2004DFEH-167s
Unruh Civil Rights Act Fact SheetMay 2017DFEH-U01P-ENG

Hate violence (Ralph)

DescriptionRevision DateLink
Hate Violence and Civil Rights
English PosterMay 2017DFEH-R01P-ENG
English BrochureDec. 2016DFEH-R01B-Eng
Arabic BrochureDec. 2016DFEH-R01B-AR
Bengali BrochureDec. 2016DFEH-R01B-BG
Chinese BrochureDec. 2016DFEH-R01B-CH
Farsi BrochureDec. 2016DFEH-R01B-Fa
Gujarati BrochureDec. 2016DFEH-R01B-Gj
Hindi BrochureDec. 2016DFEH-R01B-HI
Korean BrochureDec. 2016DFEH-R01B-K
Punjabi BrochureDec. 2016DFEH-R01B-Pb
Sinhalese BrochureDec. 2016DFEH-R01B-Snh
Spanish BrochureDec. 2016DFEH-R01B-SP
Tagalog BrochureDec. 2016DFEH-R01B-TG
Urdu BrochureDec. 2016DFEH-R01B-UR
Vietnamese BrochureDec. 2016DFEH-R01B-VT