Brochures and Posters

In California, all employers are required to post the Department of Fair Employment and Housing's poster "California Law Prohibits Workplace Discrimination and Harassment" (DFEH-162). Download this poster.

All publications can be downloaded or you may request one free copy by email or mail. Please note that the Department does not print bulk orders. To obtain one free copy, please send an email request to In the email request, please include the name of the publication and mailing information. To send a request by mail, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

DFEH, Attn: Publications Request
2218 Kausen Drive, Suite 100
Elk Grove, CA 95758

Viewing brochures and posters requires Adobe Acrobat Reader™.

In accordance with the California Government Code and the ADA, all publications can be made available in Braille, large print, computer disk, or voice recording as a disability-related accommodation for individuals with a disability.  To discuss how to receive a copy of any publication in an alternative format, please contact the DFEH at (800) 884-1684; TTY (800) 700-2320; or

11/2012"Notice A" Your Rights and Obligations as a Pregnant EmployeeEmployment Discrimination DFEH-100-20.pdf
3/08/2013 "Aviso A" Ausencia de Incapacidad por EmbarazoEmployment DiscriminationDFEH-100-20s.pdf

Joint Notice for Family Care and Medical Leave (CFRA Leave) and Pregnancy Disability Leave **  

** On July 1, 2015, the “Joint Notice for Family Care and Medical Leave (CFRA Leave) and Pregnancy Disability Leave” will become effective, which is worded differently than the prior version of the joint notice, “Notice B,” below.  The Department is aware of this discrepancy and will not penalize a CFRA employer for failure to post, so long as either "Notice B" or “Joint Notice for Family Care and Medical Leave (CFRA Leave) and Pregnancy Disability Leave” is posted.  The Fair Employment and Housing Council ( is currently reconciling these notices with a rulemaking action to discontinue use of a joint notice, which will result in the publication of one notice for CFRA Leave and a separate notice for Pregnancy Disability Leave after the rulemaking action is approved and becomes effective.

Employment Discrimination DFEH-100-21 (07/15).pdf
11/2012"Notice B" Family Care and Medical Leave and Pregnancy Disability Leave **Employment Discrimination DFEH-100-21 (11/12).pdf
7/1/2015Cuidado Familiar Y Ausencia Medica (CFRA) Y Ausencia De Incapacidad Por EmbarazoEmployment DiscriminationDFEH-100-21s (07/15).pdf
7/1/2015Family Care and Medical Leave (CFRA Leave) and Pregnancy Disability Leave - ChineseEmployment DiscriminationDFEH-100-21SC (07/15).pdf
7/1/2015Family Care and Medical Leave (CFRA Leave) and Pregnancy Disability Leave - KoreanEmployment DiscriminationDFEH-100-21K (07/15).pdf
7/1/2015Family Care and Medical Leave (CFRA Leave) and Pregnancy Disability Leave - Tagalog Employment DiscriminationDFEH-100-21T (07/15).pdf
7/1/2015Family Care and Medical Leave (CFRA Leave) and Pregnancy Disability Leave - VietnameseEmployment DiscriminationDFEH-100-21V (07/15).pdf
3/08/2013 "Aviso B" Ausencia Medica o por Cuidados Familiares (Ausencia CFRA, por Sus Singlas en Ingles) y Ausencia de Incapacidad por EmbarazoEmployment DiscriminationDFEH-100-21s.pdf
7/1/2015CFRA Certification of Health Care Provider FormEmployment DiscriminationCFRA-Cerf.pdf
11/2012Certification of Health Care Provider for Pregnancy Disability Leave, Transfer, and/or Reasonable AccommodationEmployment Discrimination Pregnancy-Cert.pdf 
1/2015Discrimination is Against the Law DFEH General Information DFEH-151.pdf
4/1/2004 Son Contrarios a Los Principios de la Ley Los Actos de Discriminacion DFEH General Information DFEH-151s.pdf
1/2015Fair Housing: You Are Protected Under California Law Housing Discrimination DFEH-157H.pdf
4/1/2004 Igualdad en la Vivienda: Usted Esta Protegido Segun las Disposiciones de la Ley en California Housing Discrimination DFEH-157Hs.pdf
4/1/2004 A Guide for Complainants and Respondents (Booklet for Employment and Housing) Employment Discrimination
4/1/2004 Guia Para Los Demandantes y los Demandos Employment Discrimination
1/2015Pre-Employment Inquiry Guidelines Employment Discrimination DFEH-161.pdf
Dec. 2014California Law Prohibits Workplace Discrimination and Harassment (Poster) Employment Discrimination DFEH-162.pdf
Dec. 2014La ley Prohibe la Discriminacion y el Acoso en el Empleo (Poster) Employment Discrimination DFEH-162s.pdf
1/2015Fair Housing is the Law (poster) Housing Discrimination DFEH-164H.pdf
3/8/2013 Igualdad en la Vivienda: A usted lo Protege La Ley en California! Housing Discrimination DFEH-164Hs.pdf
1/2015Public Access Discrimination and Civil Rights (UNRUH) Unruh Civil Rights Act DFEH-167.pdf
4/1/2004 Derechos Civiles y Discriminacion en el Accesso a Lugares Publicos (UNRUH) Unruh Civil Rights Act DFEH-167s.pdf
1/2015Employment Discrimination Based on Disability Employment Discrimination DFEH-184.pdf
4/1/2004 Discriminacion en el Empleo Debido a Discapacidad Employment Discrimination DFEH-184s.pdf
1/2015Sexual Harassment: The Facts about Sexual Harassment Employment Discrimination DFEH-185.pdf
11/1/2007 Acosa Sexual: La Realidad Acerca del Acoso Sexual Employment Discrimination DFEH-185s.pdf
1/2015Pregnancy Leave Employment Discrimination DFEH-186.pdf
4/1/2004 Hate Violence and Civil Rights Ralph Civil Rights Act DFEH-187.pdf
4/1/2003 Rights & Remedies Fact Sheet (Spanish) Ralph Civil Rights Act DFEH-187s.pdf
1/1/2003 Rights & Remedies Fact sheet (English) Ralph Civil Rights Act DFEH-187Aeng.pdf
4/1/2004 Actos de Violencia y Derechos Civiles (Brochure) Ralph Civil Rights Act DFEH-187s.pdf
1/2015California Family Rights Act Employment Discrimination DFEH-188.pdf
4/1/2004 Ley de Derechos de la Familia en California Employment Discrimination DFEH-188s.pdf
1/2015Sexual Harassment: California Fair Housing Laws Protect You From Discrimination! Housing Discrimination DFEH-192H.pdf
4/1/2004 Folleto Igualdad en la Vivienda - Acoso Sexual Housing Discrimination DFEH-192Hs.pdf
1/2015Disability Discrimination: California Fair Housing Laws Protect You From Discrimination Housing Discrimination DFEH-193H.pdf
4/1/2004 Folleto Igualdad en la Vivienda - Discriminacion Debibo a Dicapacition Housing Discrimination DFEH-193Hs.pdf
1/2015Disability Under the Fair Employment & Housing Act: What you should know about the law (Booklet) Employment Discrimination DFEH-208DH.pdf
1/2015Fair Housing Fact Sheet Housing Discrimination DFEH-FS06-2015.pdf
1/2015Unruh Civil Rights Act Fact Sheet Unruh Civil Rights Act DFEH-250.pdf
1/2015Unruh Civil Rights Act DFEH BrochureUnruh Civil Rights Act Unruh Act Brochure.pdf