Effective April 1, 2013, the Department will no longer accept or process Right to Sue requests submitted on the old paper form (dated 1999).  If you would like to submit your request by mail, please submit your request using the new Right to Sue Request Form.

Right To Sue Notice

The Fair Employment and Housing act (FEHA), at Government Code section 12965, subdivision (b), requires that individuals must exhaust their administrative remedies with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing by filing a complaint and obtaining a "right-to-sue notice" from the Department before filing a lawsuit under the FEHA. DFEH will accept requests for an immediate DFEH  Right to sue Notice" from persons who have decided to proceed in court. Your DFEH complaint must be filed within one year from the last act of discrimination or you may lose your right to file a lawsuit under the FEHA.

The decision to request such an authorization is a critical one. If you choose to request a "right-to-sue notice" now, the Department will not investigate your complaint. Obtaining a "right-to-sue" and waiving the Department’s investigation is only advisable if you have been instructed to do so by an attorney. If you have decided to request a "right-to-sue notice" at this time, you may proceed to obtain a Right to Sue Notice using the automated system.  

If you wish to have the Department investigate your complaint instead of requesting a "right-to-sue notice", please file a complaint or contact us.  You may obtain a Right to Sue notice at this time by:

  • Using the Online System.  Using this option also allows you to immediately obtain the Right to Sue and amend it.
  •  Mail.  Complete and return the completed Right to Sue Form.  Please allow two weeks to process your request or amendment.

must be made directly through DFEH. Please follow the steps below to amend or modify your com

How to Amend

Complaints Issued AFTER July 2, 2012

If you obtained your complaint and Right to Sue notice after July, 2, 2012, amendments to your complaint can be made by logging into to the online system and clicking on the [amend] button. If you have questions regarding the system, please visit Support  or contact us.

must be made directly through DFEH.  Please follow the steps below to amend or modify your compl















Complaints Issued BEFORE July 2, 2012

For complaints issued before July 2, 2012, any amendments or modifications to your complaint(s) must be made manually by DFEH staff. Please follow the steps below to amend or modify your complaint:

  1. Make a copy of the complaint.
  2. Make the changes on the complaint.
  3. Sign and date the complaint at the bottom on the left side by the filing date.

Email the modified complaint to . In your email, please indicate the changes that are being made to the complaint. Once your amendments or modifications have been processed, the office will forward you a copy of the modified complaint within 10 business days.