Announcements and Press Releases


  • 4/2/14 - The Senate Rules Committee unanimously confirmed Governor Brown's appointees to the Fair Employment and Housing Council---Chairperson Chaya Mandelbaum, Councilmembers Dale Brodsky, Chanée Franklin Minor, Patricia Perez and Andrew Schneiderman.  See the photo and video.

  • 3/25/14 - HUD issues letter applauding DFEH's considerable progress, removes the DFEH from a performance improvement plan, and initiates renewal of a five-year MOU, which would effectively recertify the California Fair Employment and Housing Act’s substantial equivalency to the Federal Fair Housing Act.

  • 3/14/14 - Digital Journal by PRWEB wrote a story on "HoudiniEsq a Resounding Success for California's Department of Fair Employment and Housing."

  • 3/13/14 - The DFEH is moving forward with a first of its kind transgender case, more info on today’s ruling here. See Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center's Web site posting on this story.

  • 3/3/14 - LAW 360 wrote a story on "Calif. Agency Asks To Join WinCo Discrimination Suit." Here is an excerpt: "The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing urged a California federal judge on Monday to let it intervene... in a WinCo Foods LLC employee's discrimination suit against the grocery chain, saying her case could impact larger efforts to prove WinCo illegally discriminates against pregnant and disabled workers. An adverse ruling in Victoria Stowers' case, which accuses WinCo of firing her after she requested medical leave to recover from a hysterectomy, could jeopardize an 18-month DFEH investigation into the company's employment policies, many of which are discriminatory and harm employees and the state, DFEH attorney Mari Mayeda argued. “We are in a far better position than Stowers” to show WinCo has followed discriminatory practices for years, Mayeda said. “The department's interests would be in peril … if she doesn't prevail, WinCo will attempt to use this in litigation in settlement with other employees who come forward.” The DFEH's investigation has focused on a handful of WinCo policies, particularly one that requires employees to be “100 percent healed” from any condition and able to do their jobs without accommodation. Although WinCo says it doesn't follow the policy, it exists in writing and violates state and federal employment law, according to the DFEH." Access limited to subscribers:

  • 2/24/14 - DFEH Director Phyllis Cheng testified before the Senate Committee on Business, Professions & Economic Development Hearing on Fake Service Dogs. See KCRA story and KABC-TV coverage.

  • 2/19/14 - DFEH Director Phyllis Cheng elected to Southwestern Law School's Board of Trustees.

  • 1/30/14 - The Department of Fair Employment and Housing, under a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, produced new 2014 "Fair Housing 101" videos to educate Californians about their right to be free from discrimination in housing under the Fair Employment and Housing Act.